3 Metre Cube Smoke Density Apparatus

IEC 61034; BS 6853; BS 6724; BS 7622

The 3 Metre Cube is used for measuring smoke emission when electric cables are burned under defined conditions, for example, a few cables burned horizontally. The equipment comprises a cubic enclosure and a photometric system.

This unit was first developed by London Transport Scientists in England. In 1990 they took delivery of a FTT 3 Metre Cube. These units are produced to meet the specification used in many electric cable tests. The unit can be supplied in a self-assembly kit form or can be fully installed by FTT Engineers. The unit is made of Zintec steel sheet and can be supplied with customised extraction facilities and all instrumentation, fans, stands and sample mounting frames. The photometric system can be supplied separately.

The unit comprises:

  • 3 Metre Cube assembly
  • Photometric system, stands, fans and sample mounting frames
  • Extraction fan and ducting
  • Chart Recorder or Windows Software