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iCone® Mini and iCone® Classic Calorimeters

The i-series of Cone Calorimeters

ISO 5660, ASTM E1354, ASTM E1474, ASTM E1740, ASTM F1550, ASTM D6113,  CAN ULC 135, BS 476 Part 15


The Cone Calorimeter is the most significant bench scale instrument in the field of fire testing.

The FTT iCone® Calorimeters have been produced to meet all existing Standards (including ISO 5660, ASTM E1354, ASTM E1474, ASTM E1740, ASTM F1550, ASTM D6113, CAN ULC 135 and BS 476 Part 15) 

The iCone® Calorimeter was the first in FTT’s new interactive range of calorimeters, called the i-­series. It features the latest technology in control and automation making it the most advanced, reliable and user­friendly Cone Calorimeter in the world. The iCone® was launched in 2013. The iCone® series is now completed by two semi­automatic models – the iCone® mini which features a separate gas analysis rack and the iCone® classic which has a fixed gas analysis console mounted on the instrument main frame. These have replaced the FTT Dual Cone and Standard Cone respectively. The iCone® has undergone further modification on its fire model and glass protective screen. This upgrade version is now named as iCone® plus, also for being the most advanced model in the range. The iCone® series brings calorimetry to a new level of automation and make it available at different budget levels. 

A full system of the iCone® mini and iCone® classic consist of:

  • Conical Heater 
  • Temperature Controller
  • Motorised Heat Shield
  • Spark Ignition
  • Specimen Holders
  • Specimen Spacers
  • Heat Resistant Glass Protective Screen
  • Load Cell
  • Gas Sampling
  • Combustion Gas Analysis
  • Smoke Obscuration Measurement
  • Exhaust System
  • Heat Flux Meter
  • Calibration Burner
  • Data Acquisition
  • ConeCalc Software – it is available in multi-languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. The user interface is a Microsoft Windows based system with “user friendly” push button actions and standard Windows data entry fields, drop down selectors, check boxes and switches capable of:-
    • Instrument control and showing status of the instrument
    • Calibration of gas analysis instrumentation and storage of calibration results
    • C-factor calibration with the use of mass flow controller
    • C-factor calibration via pool fire (ethanol) routine
    • Collecting data generated during a test
    • Calculating the required parameters
    • Presenting the results in a manner in accordance with ISO 5660-1 and ASTM E1354
    • Exporting calculated data to CSV (comma separated variable) files for quick transfer to spreadsheets.

Unique Features of FTT's iCone® mini and iCone® classic:

  • Remote cone assembly positioning control, so that heater­specimen surface separation can be adjusted pre and mid test, to facilitate testing of intumescing or thermally distorting specimens
  • Programmable heat flux exposure. Up to 10 consecutive heat flux ramping or holding can be programmed
  • Motorised heat shield to protect specimen from heat exposure before test
  • Motorised positioning and control of spark igniter to ignite the combustion gases from the specimen
  • Retractable 4­-sided heat resistant glass protective screen which provides a draft ­free environment around the fire model with clear viewing from all sides (iCone® plus only)
  • Heat resistant glass protective screen manually or electronically controlled
  • 7" colour touchscreen test control panel adjacent to specimen supplements principal computer control (iCone® plus only)
  • Automatic/semi­automatic/manual calibration by ConeCalc Software
  • Load cell resolution of 0.01g and load capacity up to 8.2kg (Sartorius cell)
  • Load cell mounted on an independent table to avoid any vibration from exhaust fan
  • All round access to specimen platform for specimen preparation and cleaning (iCone® plus only)
  • Easy to clean large, highly durable black granite working surface (iCone® plus only)
  • Fire model protection alarm system
  • Online support and remote control of instruments from FTT for internet connected system
  • Optional post­test specimen N2 purged fume cupboard (iCone® plus only)
  • Optional larger Cone fire model for testing specimens with very low heat release rates. 150mm × 150mm specimens are exposed to uniform heat flux over entire surface
  • Optional fully integrated FTIR gas analysis system supplied with heated sampling module, heated lines/probes and PLC controller




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