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Glow Wire Test Apparatus

IEC 60695-2-10, ASTM D6194, UL746A

The FTT Glow Wire Apparatus is designed to perform tests specified in various standards to test Resistance to Fire in Insulating parts. The testing of electro-technical products for fire hazard is conducted by simulating as closely as possible actual effects occurring in practice. Parts of electro-technical equipment which may be exposed to thermal stress due to electric effects & deterioration of which may impair safety of equipment shall not be unduly affected by heat & fire generated within the equipment.

Inside this apparatus, a resistance wire is electrically heated to a specified temperature which is adjustable. The specimen tested is brought into contact with the glow-wire by a motor-driven sliding carriage. At the end of the prescribed time the specimen is automatically returned to the starting position.

Observations and measurement are made to evaluate the GWIT presented by the specimen during exposure to elevated temperatures.


  • 5.5" Touchscreen panel with user friendly HMI software.
  • 4mm diameter Cr/Al glow wire , temperature measured by insulated junction thermocouple.
  • Motorised specimen carriage preloaded with 1.0 N force with stepper motor, movement towards Glow-Wire.
  • Universal, adjustable stainless steel perforated tray mounting bracket for fixing specimen position.
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Adjustable current source to heat and maintain Glow wire temperature;
  • Digital indicator display the temperature value.
  • Digital processor control unit to control glow wire application time, test duration and to record flame timing.


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