Combustion Toxicity Test Apparatus

ASTM E1678; NFPA 269

This instrument (NIBS) uses radiant heat with spark ignition to combust a sample of material and helps to characterise the product by measuring ease of ignition (time), rate of smoke generation (mass loss) and toxicity (gas analysis). These are essential parameters in the evaluation of the potential fire hazard of products. Future possibility of being up-graded with additional instrumentation to monitor corrosivity.

The overall apparatus consists of a combustion cell and a test chamber, connected by an enclosed passage (chimney). External to the combustion cell, which contains the specimen platform, are radiant heat lamps and a load cell. The test chamber has provision for colorimetric gas reaction tubes in one side of the chamber. Gas analysis instrumentation is located external to the apparatus, with gas samples extracted from the test chamber. The combustion cell, test chamber and chimney are assembled in such a manner that they may be separated for cleaning.

The unit has not been designed for animal testing.

Main features:

  • The sample orientation is horizontal
  • Suitable for testing sample assemblies
  • Polycarbonate chamber of 200 litres
  • Heat Flux Meter
  • Irradiation levels 10-50kW/m²
  • Spark ignition
  • Load Cell with sample capacity of 500g
  • 15 ports for outlet to gas analysers

Supply requirements:

Voltage: 230V- 50/60Hz- 40A
Water: For cooling apparatus
Dimensions (mm): 1600 (H) × 1200 (W) × 480 (D)
Weight: 105 kg

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