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使用热解燃烧流量量热仪 (PCFC) 进行的准确且经济高效的微量热法 ASTM D7309

FTTFAA 微型量热仪 (ASTM D7309) 是与美国联邦航空管理局 (FAA) 合作开发的。可在几秒钟内确定基本热化学数据,以及预测材料的防火特性。

该技术可从非常小 (1-5mg) 的样品中快速确定比热释放速率 (W/g)、燃烧热 (J/g) 和点火温度 (°C) 等参数。这是一种使用成本低且准确的技术;典型可重复性为 ± 5%。

微型量热仪数据已证明与火灾测试数据(锥形量热仪,OSU)、可燃性结果 (LOI, UL94) 和燃烧测试(氧弹量热仪)相关,因此被视为用于评估并预测可燃性的强大、低成本工具。

The FAA FTT Micro Calorimeter uses the same oxygen consumption calorimetry technique used in FTT‘s bench and room scale calorimeters. The specimen is first heated at a constant rate of temperature rise (typically 1°C/s) in a pyrolyser and the degradation products are purged from the pyrolyser by an inert gas (nitrogen). The gas stream is mixed with oxygen and enters a combustor at 900°C where the decomposition of products are completely oxidised. Oxygen concentrations and flow rates of the combustion gases are used to determine the oxygen consumption involved in the combustion process and the heat release rates are determined from these measurements.


  • 能够在几分钟内生成定量结果
  • 自动控制温度和气体流速
  • 小样品大小 (1-5mg)
  • 两个测试炉均有过热保护
  • 可拆卸后盖,通过此盖可检修所有可维修部件,例如燃料电池,从而实现轻松维护
  • 双电压 96-264VAC,50-60Hz(无需切换)


Instrument Supplied with Software at no extra charge. Software updates provided free of charge.




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