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iCone mini 锥形量热仪 and iCone classic 锥形量热仪 锥形量热仪

ISO 5660; ASTM E1354; ASTM E1474; ASTM E1740; ASTM F1550; ASTM D6113; CAN ULC 135; BS 476 Part 15

Cone Calorimetry (ISO 5660; ASTM E1354) is the most significant bench scale instrumentation in the field of fire testing.

已生产的 FTT iCone 锥形量热仪符合所有现有标准(包括 ISO 5660, ASTM E1354, ASTM E1474, ASTM E1740, ASTM F1550, ASTM D6113, CAN ULC 135 and BS 476 Part 15)

The iCone Calorimeter was the first in FTT’s new interactive range of calorimeters, called the i-series. It features the latest technology in control and automation making it the most advanced, reliable and user­ friendly Cone Calorimeter in the world. The iCone was launched in 2013. 

The iCone series is now completed by two semi­-automatic models – the iCone mini 锥形量热仪 which features a separate gas analysis rack and the iCone classic 锥形量热仪 which has a fixed gas analysis console mounted on the instrument main frame. These have replaced the FTT Dual Cone and Standard Cone respectively. 

The iCone has undergone further modification on its fire model and glass protective screen. This upgrade version is now named as the iCone²⁺ , also for being the most advanced model in the range. The iCone series brings calorimetry to a new level of automation and make it available at different budget levels.

All FTT calorimeters use a Peltier cooling device and drying agent to ensure that all moisture is removed from the sample gas stream to prevent drift in the Oxygen base-line concentration. 

Tests have shown that just using a Peltier cooling device leads to base line oxygen drift beyond the limits of the standard and resulting in incorrect Heat Release measurement.

A full system on the iCone mini 锥形量热仪  and iCone classic 锥形量热仪 consists of:

  • 温度控制器
  • 电动隔热罩
  • 火花点火
  • 样品支架
  • 样品垫片
  • 耐热玻璃防护屏
  • 称重传感器
  • 气体采样
  • 燃烧气体分析
  • 烟气遮蔽测量
  • 排气系统
  • 热流计
  • 校准燃烧器
  • 数据采集
  • ConeCalc 软件 – 该软件采用多种语言,包括英语、法语、德语、西班牙语和日语。用户界面是基于 Windows 的系统,具有“用户友好”的按钮操作和标准 Windows 数据输入字段、下拉选择器、复选框和具有以下功能的开关:
    ◦ 仪器控制,以及显示仪器的状态

    ◦ 校准气体分析仪器以及存储校准结果
    ◦ 使用质量流量控制器进行 C 因数校准
    ◦ 通过池火(乙醇)例程进行 C 因数校准
    ◦ 采集测试过程中生成的数据
    ◦ 以符合 ISO 5660­1 和 ASTM E1354 的方式呈现结果
    ◦ 将计算的数据导出到 CSV(逗号分隔变量)文件,以便快速传输到电子表格

iCone miniiCone classic 的独特性:

  • 具有远程锥形组件定位控制,这样可在测试前和测试中调整加热器与样品的表面分离,从而实现对膨胀或热变形样品的测试
  • 可编程热流辐照量。最多可对 10 个连续热通量上升或保持进行编程
  • 电动隔热罩可防止样品在测试前受热
  • 火花点火器的电动定位和控制,可点燃样品中的燃烧气体
  • 通过 ConeCalc 软件进行的自动/半自动/手动校准
    称重传感器分辨率为 0.01g,称重量程高达 8.2kg(Sartorius 传感器)
  • 火灾模型保护警报系统
  • FTT 针对互联网连接系统提供的仪器的在线支持和远程控制
  • 可选的较大锥形火灾模型,用于测试热释放速率极低的样品。150mm × 150mm 样品的整个表面上暴露于均匀热流中
  • 可选的完全集成 FTIR 气体分析系统,配有加热取样模块、加热管路/探头和 PLC 控制器


  • 可选的二氧化碳和一氧化碳 – NDIR 气体分析仪。
  • 氯化氢 – 加热供应管路和气体分析仪
  • 受控的大气附件 – 用于低氧样品分析
  • FTIR 毒性测试系统


Calorimetry instrument supplied with software at no extra charge. Software updates provided free of charge.


18 iCone Mini rebrand PIXEL portrait

iCone mini 锥形量热仪

18 iCone Classic rebrand PIXEL portrait

iCone classic 锥形量热仪


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