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iCone²⁺ 锥形量热仪

ISO 5660; ASTM E1354; ASTM E1474; ASTM E1740; ASTM F1550; ASTM D6113; CAN ULC 135; BS 476 Part 15

The iCone²⁺ Calorimeter (ISO 5660; ASTM E1354) is the latest in the FTT Cone range and incorporates all of the best features of our range of cone calorimeters. It offers cutting-edge PCB-based technology, in a modular and robust build with remote communication, cone operation and diagnostic facilities that allow FTT the capability to efficiently respond, diagnose problems and service installations in all corners of the world.

锥形量热仪是火灾测试领域最重要的实验室仪器。凭借 FTT  在量热仪设计和制造方面数十年的专业知识,iCone² 具有交互式的直观界面、自动或手动控制、高级且灵活的控制选项,以及内置数据采集技术,可实现强大可靠的数据收集、分析和报告。它结合了先前在火灾测试实验室未曾见过的许多新特性,同时小巧、准确、可靠,并且易于维护。

The Cone Calorimeter is the most significant bench scale instrument in the field of fire testing. Building on FTT’s decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of calorimeters, the iCone²⁺ features an interactive and intuitive interface, automatic or manual control, sophisticated and flexible control options, and built-in data acquisition technology for robust data collection, analysis and reporting. It incorporates many new features not previously seen by fire testing laboratories while being compact, accurate, reliable and easily maintained.

All FTT calorimeters use a Peltier cooling device and drying agent to remove all moisture from the sample gas stream to prevent drift in the Oxygen baseline concentration. Tests have shown that just using a Peltier cooling device leads to baseline oxygen drift beyond the limits of the standard and results in incorrect Heat Release measurement.


  • 热释放速率
  • 点火引燃时间
  • 质量损失速率
  • 烟气释放速率
  • 有效燃烧热
  • Rates of the release of combustion gas (e.g. carbon oxides)

International standards have been published describing the equipment and several national standardisation bodies have now published product standards for use of the Cone Calorimeter in assessing the performances of finished products.

iCone²⁺ ,的独特性:

  • Online support and remote diagnostics add control of instruments from FTT for quick and effortless support
  • 基于一流表面安装 PCB 技术的设计
  • PCB 模块化设计有助于提高可维护性和可靠性
  • Improved laser mounting system for easier setup and calibration as well as the elimination of thermal drift
  • Robust engineering for an improved life expectancy of the instrument
  • 采用 PCB 和触摸屏技术的最新一代气体分析仪
  • Remote cone heater assembly positioning control so that heater-specimen surface separation can be adjusted pre- and mid-test, to facilitate testing of intumescing or thermally distorting specimens
  • 可编程热流暴露方式。最多可对 10 个连续热流上升或保持阶段进行编程
  • Motorised heat shield to protect the specimen from heat exposure before the test
  • 5.5″ colour touchscreen test control panel, adjacent to specimen, supplements principal computer control
  • 通过 ConeCalc 软件的自动校准


  • Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide – NDIR gas analysers are optionally available
  • Optional larger Cone fire model for testing specimens with very low heat release rates under uniform heat flux over the entire surface
  • Controlled Atmosphere Attachment – for testing specimens in low oxygen atmospheres that may be found in well-developed fires, or for studying the effects of gaseous suppressants or other dynamic controlled-atmosphere environments. The cone assembly is located on top of the enclosure with exhaust gas exiting through the cone only. The cabinet replaces the conventional cone assembly but uses the same controllers as the normal cone. A door on the front of the assembly has a viewing window. Changing between the standard fire model and this unit is simple.
  • FTIR Toxicity Test System – an advanced gas analyser used for continuous measurement of combustion gases in conjunction with FTT‘s cone calorimeter, Smoke Density Chamber or Single Burning Item.
  • Cone Corrosimeter – built in accordance with ASTM D5485 and used for assessing the corrosive potential of combustion products.
  • 集成计算机系统。
  • Sartorius 称重传感器(更大范围)。
  • 烟尘灰质量取样。


Instrument Supplied with Software at no extra charge. Software updates are provided free of charge.

Cone Calorimeter manufactured by Fire Testing Technology, known as the iCone 2+

iCone² 锥形量热仪

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