FAA Micro Calorimeter

Accurate and cost effective micro calorimetry using a Pyrolysis Combustion Flow Calorimeter (PCFC)

The FTT Micro Calorimeter was developed in co-operation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It determines fundamental thermo-chemical data in seconds and predicts fire properties of materials.

The technique enables parameters such as Specific Heat Release Rate (W/g), Heat of Combustion (J/g) and Ignition Temperature (°C) to be quickly determined from very small (1-5mg) specimens. It is a low cost and accurate technique; typical repeatability is ± 5%.

Micro Calorimeter data has been shown to correlate with fire test data (Cone Calorimeter, OSU), flammability results (LOI, UL94) and combustion tests (Bomb Calorimeter) and is therefore seen as a powerful, low cost tool to assess and predict flammability properties.