About Fire Testing Technology

Vision and Mission


Fire Testing Technology’s vision is to provide the best solutions to help our customers reduce loss due to fire.


Fire Testing Technology’s mission is to give a professional world-wide service that is committed to continuous product development, incorporating innovative solutions and resulting in a better user experience and great products.



To be the best in all aspects of our business.


To deliver on the needs and desires of our Customers and invest in people, to develop and evolve them, to exceed expectation.


Constantly developing the solutions that we offer and strive to provide our Customers with the best possible services we can.


FTT was founded by instrument engineer Stephen Upton and fire scientist Stephen Grayson.


FTT introduced their first generation cone calorimeter. This cone calorimeter was an affordable option, in comparison to what was currently on offer in the industry. This addition opened up the market, allowing a wider group of researches to be able to access the technology.


FTT acquired the fire instrumentation side of the business under the trade name Stanton Redcroft. By 1998 FTT were seen as the global supplier of Calorimeters, NBS Smoke Chambers and Oxygen Indexes and were producing more than 40 different fire test instruments.

FTT’s products offered the full range of equipment required to undertake the fire testing work needed for the European Construction Products Regulation.


Judges Scientific plc, listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (“AIM”), heads a group dedicated to growth in the scientific instruments sector both through a “buy and build” strategy and organic growth. Formed towards the end of 2002 with a different business model in mind, the company made its first foray into the world of scientific instruments in May 2005 with the acquisition of Fire Testing Technology. The directors identified scientific instruments as a sector in which the United Kingdom could justly boast of being a global centre of excellence. With a large number of privately-owned companies created by entrepreneurial scientists and engineers, the Judges management team recognised the sector as being ripe for consolidation. Since the FTT acquisition, a further 14 businesses have been brought into the Judges family of companies in furtherance of its strategic aims.


FTT were awarded ISO Certification from the British Standards Institute (BSI) and were awarded certifications for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) and Environment Management Systems (ISO 14001).


With FTT’s continued commitment to offering technologically advanced equipment, FTT introduced the iCone plus to the range of instruments to their product portfolio.


FTT introduced the iCone mini and iCone classic to their product portfolio.


FTT launch new branding and the next generation iCone2+, as part of our commitment to deliver on technology and improved customer experience.