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New Cone Calorimeter Standard ISO 5660:1:2015+A1:2019

ISO have just released amendment 1 of the Cone Calorimeter standard ISO 5660-1.

In this amendment:

  • The ignition spark should be visible as continuous to the naked eye.
  • The clause on how to test dimensionally unstable materials has been updated.
  • The test procedure has been updated so that the operator will clean the igniter rods prior to a test.
  • The reporting of multiple specimen results has been updated.

The new standard can be purchased from ISO or your national standards institute.

The cone calorimeter is the most significant bench-scale instrument in the field of fire testing because it measures important, real properties of the material being tested under a variety of preset fire conditions. FTT, leading global supplier of fire testing instrumentation, manufacture the Cone Calorimeter and have recently launched the new iCone² which marks the beginning of the next generation of their iCone range. The iCone² offers a further enhanced fire model and heat protective glass screen. It also features the latest technology in control and automation, making it the most advanced, reliable and user-friendly cone calorimeter in the world.

iCone² features:

amendment to ISO 5660-1 standard for the cone calorimeter

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