FAA Micro Calorimeter

Accurate and cost effective micro calorimetry using a Pyrolysis Combustion Flow Calorimeter (PCFC) ASTM D7309

The FTT FAA Micro Calorimeter (ASTM D7309) was developed in co-operation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It determines fundamental thermo-chemical data in seconds and predicts fire properties of materials.

The technique enables parameters such as Specific Heat Release Rate (W/g), Heat of Combustion (J/g) and Ignition Temperature (°C) to be quickly determined from very small (1-5mg) specimens. It is a low cost and accurate technique to use; with a typical repeatability of ± 5%.

Micro Calorimeter data has been shown to correlate with fire test data (Cone Calorimeter, OSU), flammability results (LOI, UL94) and combustion tests (Bomb Calorimeter) and is therefore seen as a powerful, low cost tool to assess and predict flammability properties.

The FAA FTT Micro Calorimeter uses the same oxygen consumption calorimetry technique used in FTT's bench and room scale calorimeters. The specimen is first heated at a constant rate of temperature rise (typically 1°C/s) in a pyrolyser and the degradation products are purged from the pyrolyser by an inert gas (nitrogen). The gas stream is mixed with oxygen and enters a combustor at 900°C where the decomposition of products are completely oxidised. Oxygen concentrations and flow rates of the combustion gases are used to determine the oxygen consumption involved in the combustion process and the heat release rates are determined from these measurements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to generate quantitative results in minutes
  • Automatic control of temperature and gas flow rates
  • Small sample size (1-5mg)
  • Over temperature protection of both furnaces
  • Removable rear cover to access all serviceable parts such as the Fuel Cell for ease of maintenance
  • Dual voltage 96-264VAC, 50-60Hz (No need to switch)


Instrument Supplied with Software at no extra charge. Software updates provided free of charge

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