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Fire Propagation Apparatus

FM 4910; ASTM E2058

FTT manufactures the FM Global Fire Propagation Apparatus (FPA), a heat release calorimeter (commonly known as the Tewarson Apparatus) and have been working closely with FM Global to develop the apparatus. This is the instrument developed in the 1980s and now used extensively by FM Global for a variety of insurance industry norms including clean room and cable applications. The method has been standardised by ASTM as ASTM E2058 and ISO as ISO 12136.

The FTT FPA can be used to determine:

  • Critical heat flux
  • Thermal Response Parameter (TRP)
  • Effective heat of combustion
  • Chemical and convective heat release rates
  • Fire Propagation Index (FPI)

It can also be instrumented to measure:

  • Average Corrosion Index
  • Smoke yield

Instrument features include:

  • Infrared Heaters
  • Mass Loss Measurement
  • Air Distribution Chamber and Air Supply Pipes
  • Ignition Pilot Tube
  • Exhaust System
  • Gas Sampling
  • Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Analysis
  • Heat Flux Meter
  • Instrument Frame

Windows based software:

A Windows based software package enables simple data acquisition, analysis and storage via a 22-bit data logger.

All parameters are displayed. The versatile data logger may be used in other applications and is supplied with software that allows the data stored in the logger to be downloaded to a PC for further analysis. 


Instrument Supplied with Software at no extra charge. Software updates provided free of charge.

Fire Propagation Apparatus

Fire Propagation Apparatus

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