Furniture & Open Calorimeters

ISO 9705; ASTM D5424; ASTM D5537; ASTM E603; ASTM E1537; ASTM E1590; ASTM E1822; NFPA 265; UL 1685; UL 9540a; NT FIRE 25; NT FIRE 32; EN 16989

Large Scale Oxygen Consumption Calorimetry

FTT build and supply the Furniture Calorimeter complete with the appropriate instrumentation package or supply instrumentation to clients wishing to upgrade existing facilities or with a wish to build their own apparatus.

In the latter cases FTT supply a Gas Analysis Instrumentation Console and a Duct Section. The console contains all the necessary instrumentation to measure heat release rates and other associated parameters. This includes an analyser developed specifically for FTT Calorimeters, incorporating an enhanced Servomex 4100 featuring a high stability temperature controlled paramagnetic oxygen sensor (and optional CO2) with flow control and by-pass for fast response. The specification of this instrumentation is the same for both large and small scale calorimeters and can therefore also be conveniently used with the FTT Dual Cone Calorimeter. When used with the Cone Calorimeter the console is elegantly located within the Cone Calorimeter unit.

The Duct Insert contains probes for gas sampling and air velocity measurement along with smoke measurement equipment (white light or laser). Most dynamic fire testing apparatuses can be instrumented with this equipment to measure heat released and smoke produced from products burnt in them.

A Windows based software package enables automatic data collection and manipulation from the sophisticated data logger supplied with the Gas Analysis Instrumentation Console. The software (LSHRCalc) automatically calculates the heat release rate and associated parameters generating a detailed report for the product(s) being tested.

Among other options, FTT also offer burners constructed to ISO 9705 Annex A1 and A2 complete with gas train. A mass flow controller with digital display controls the gas flow. The gas controls include an auto-ignition unit incorporating several safety features.

Open Calorimeters up to 40MW

Testing principles from large scale calorimeters can be applied to “Mega Calorimeters” for measuring fires up to 10, 20 or even 40MW, by increasing the hood size, exhaust diameter and exhaust flow rate. The UL 9540a:2019 Battery Energy Storage System set of tests require heat release rate tests to be conducted at different large scales with systems up to 20MW. FTT can provide all of these scales of testing.


Instrument Supplied with Software at no extra charge. Software updates provided free of charge


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