The iCone² Calorimeter

ISO 5660; ASTM E1354; ASTM E1474; ASTM E1740; ASTM F1550; ASTM D6113; CAN ULC 135; BS 476 Part 15

The iCone² Calorimeter is the first in FTT’s new interactive range of calorimeters, the i-series. It features the latest technology in control and automation making it the most advanced, reliable and user-friendly cone calorimeter in the world.

The Cone Calorimeter is the most significant bench scale instrument in the field of fire testing. Building on FTT’s decades of expertise in design and manufacture of calorimeters, iCone²  features an interactive and intuitive interface, automatic or manual control, sophisticated and flexible control options, and built-in data acquisition technology for robust data collection, analysis and reporting. It incorporates many new features not previously seen by fire testing laboratories while being compact, accurate, reliable and easily maintained.

The iCone² is the most advanced automatic Cone Calorimeter in the world forming part of our new range of interactive fire testing instrumentation (the i-series).

Unique Features of the iCone²:

  • Remote control of the cone assembly position so that heater-specimen surface separation can be adjusted pre and mid test, to facilitate testing of intumescing or thermally distorting specimens
  • Programmable heat flux exposure up to 10 consecutive ramping or holding steps
  • Automatic/manual control of motorised heat shield to protect specimen from heat exposure before test
  • Automatic/manual control of positioning and control of spark igniter to ignite the combustion gases from the specimen
  • Automatic/manual control of retractable 4 side heat resistant glass protective screen which provides a draft-free environment around the fire model with clear viewing from all sides
  • 4" colour touchscreen test control panel adjacent to specimen
  • Automatic calibration and control of gas analysis instrumentation and the entire calorimeter by ConeCalc Software
  • Load cell resolution of 0.01g and load capacity up to 8.2kg
  • Load cell mounted on an independent table to avoid any vibration from exhaust fan
  • All round access to specimen platform for specimen preparation and cleaning
  • Easy to clean large, highly durable black granite working surface
  • Fire model protection alarm system
  • Online support and remote control of instruments from FTT


  • Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide – NDIR gas analysers optionally available
  • Optional larger Cone fire model for testing specimens with very low heat release rates under uniform heat flux over entire surface
  • Controlled Atmosphere Attachment – for low oxygen sample analysis
  • FTIR Toxicity Test System