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Ignitability Apparatus

ISO 5657

Ignitability, defined as the capability of a material being ignited using a radiant heat source, is one of the first properties to be manifest and should contribute largely to any assessment of fire hazard.

The Ignitability Test Apparatus is manufactured to conform to ISO 5657 and BS 476 Part 13. The Apparatus has been designed, principally for testing building materials and composites, but it is capable of testing any sample of size 165mm × 165mm and up to a maximum of 70mm thick. The Ignitability Apparatus measures the ignition characteristics of building materials or any exposed surfaces of essentially flat materials and specimens, mounted in a horizontal orientation.

FTT Ignitability Apparatus:
The test apparatus consists of a support framework which clamps the test specimen horizontally between a pressing plate such that a defined area of the upper surface of the specimen is exposed to radiation.

This radiation is provided by a radiator cone positioned above and supported from the specimen support framework. An automated pilot flame application mechanism is used to bring a test flame through the radiator cone to a position above the centre of the surface of the specimen. A specimen insertion and location tray is used to position the specimen accurately on the pressing plate of the specimen support framework and a screening plate is used to shield the surface of the specimen during its insertion into the apparatus.

Main Features:

Test apparatus –

  • Framework for the cone sample support mechanism
  • Radiator cone assembly
  • Radiation levels between 10-50kW/m² using a conical radiation furnace.
  • Counter weight for pressing plate
  • Pilot gas line with flashback arrestor and provision for re-ignition
  • Pilot flame application mechanism and motor drive assembly to bring pilot flame into the correct position above the plane of sample, every 4 seconds
  • Secondary ignition source

Control Unit –

  • 3-term temperature controller
  • Temperature indicator and over temperature alarm
  • Pilot speed controller
  • Timer
  • The apparatus is also supplied with a Flux Meter for calibration purposes

Supply Requirements:

Voltage: 240V- 50/60 Hz -15A
Gas: Propane and Air for the pilot flame
Water: For cooling the Flux Meter

ignitability apparatus ISO 5657 ignitability of building products using a radiant heat source

Ignitability Apparatus


Specimen insertion and location tray

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