Ignitability Apparatus

ISO 5657

Ignitability, defined as the capability of a material of being ignited, is one of the first properties to be manifest and should figure largely in any assessment of fire hazard.

The Ignitability Test Apparatus is manufactured to conform to ISO 5657 and BS 476; Part 13. The Apparatus has been designed, principally for testing building materials and composites, but it is capable of testing any sample of size 165mm × 165mm and up to a maximum of 70mm thick. The Apparatus measures the ignition characteristics of exposed surfaces of essentially flat materials and specimens.

Main Features:

  • The sample orientation is horizontal
  • Irradiation levels between 10-50 kW/m² using a conical radiation furnace
  • Furnace is controlled by 3 term temperature controller
  • Temperature indicator and over temperature device
  • Fitted with pilot flame with provision for re-ignition
  • Mechanism to bring pilot flame into the correct position above the plane of sample every 4 seconds
  • Separate support frame and control unit Supplied complete with Flux Meter

Supply Requirements:

Voltage: 240V- 50/60 Hz -15A
Gas: Propane and Air for the pilot flame
Water: For cooling the Flux Meter

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