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Indicative Fire Resistance Test Furnace

The fire resistance properties of a material can be used to consider its behaviour when subjected to specific heating conditions. The FTT Indicative Test Furnaces use only a fraction of the material required with the large full scale furnaces and provide a method of quantifying the ability of a material or assembly to withstand exposure to high temperatures. This furnace is also ideal for evaluating the fire performance of dampers and penetration seals for building services. FTT supply two Indicative Fire Resistance Test Furnaces with internal chambers of 1000 mm (W) × 1000 mm (H) × 1000 mm (D) or 1500 mm (W) × 1500 mm (H) × 1500 mm (D).

Four sides of the walls are lined with special high temperature insulating fire bricks on the hot face and pre-cast refractory castables at the edges exposed to the specimen restraint frame as well as mineral boards on the cold face.

A refractory lined Blank-Out Wall with lifting hooks is also supplied; this enables the user to close one side of the furnace wall when either a vertical or a horizontal test specimen is mounted for testing.

A set of two self locking clamps are used to secure the test specimen restraint frame to the furnace. An air cooled viewing port made of heat resistant quartz glass is installed at the rear wall to enable the operator to see the behaviour of the entire test specimen during a fire test.

A sliding shutter door made of lightweight alumina fibreboard is supplied to shield off the furnace heat when the viewing port is not in use.

indicative fire resistance test furnace

Indicative Fire Resistance Test Furnace

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