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Mass Loss Calorimeter

EN ISO 13927; ISO 17554

What is the relationship between heat release and mass loss?
The heat of combustion is the quantity of heat released when unit quantity of a fuel is fully oxidised. These are determined using an oxygen bomb calorimeter and are well reported in handbooks. If all fires involved complete oxidation then the heat released could be determined simply by weighing the sample as it burns and multiplying the mass loss by the heat of combustion. In reality, combustion does not usually proceed to complete oxidation but the effective heat of combustion is constant for a given material when burnt at a given heat flux under constant ventilation conditions. Instruments such as the cone calorimeter and the OSU determine the effective heat of combustion.

Heat release is then determined as a product of the effective heat of combustion and the mass loss rate. Once the effective heats of combustion are known for a material over a range of conditions the heat release rates can be calculated from mass loss data. The FTT Mass Loss Cone is designed for this purpose.

The FTT  Mass Loss Cone is designed to:

  • Provide an inexpensive stand alone instrument that enables mass loss rates to be determined at any heat flux in the range of the cone calorimeter model of ISO 5660
  • Provide a unit that can be added to commercial cone calorimeters so that they can be used in oxygen depleted low flow atmospheres
  • Be readily fitted to existing or future build oxygen depletion systems
  • Be readily converted to dynamic smoke, corrosion and toxicity tests

The unit is supplied with:

  • Conical heater rated at 230V for heat flux up to 100kW/m²
  • Load cell with sample capacity up to 500g
  • Horizontal specimen mounting for samples up to 50mm thick
  • Heater Shutter, to allow easy loading of samples or chamber equilibration if enclosure option is used
  • Heat flux meter and housing to fix position of the meter accurately 25mm below base of cone
  • Stainless steel construction to ensure good corrosion resistance


  • Enclosure and gas supplies to facilitate use in low oxygen atmosphere cone calorimeter tests
  • Thermopile and chimney for heat release assessment
  • Corrosimeter for corrosivity studies


Instrument Supplied with Software at no extra charge. Software updates provided free of charge.

Mass Loss Calorimeter

Mass Loss Calorimeter

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