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Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus

ASTM E162; ASTM D3675

The Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus measures the surface flammability of building products (ASTM E162) and cellular plastics (ASTM D3675) by using a gas-fired radiant heat panel. The test result is an index that is determined from the flame spread and heat evolution factors. This index is required in various specifications especially for the mass transit industry (buses and trains).

The FTT Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus is supplied as a complete easy-to-use system. Features include:

  • Porous cement and cast iron gas operated radiant panel (12″ × 18″) with electric spark igniter and automatic safety flame out detector
  • Stainless steel specimen holder, with observation marks every 3″, for assessing the progress of the flame front
  • Stainless steel specimen support
  • Stainless steel pilot burner assembly
  • Pyrometer to determine the surface temperature of the radiant panel. Mounting bracket included
  • Air flow meter and gas control valve to control the mixture to the radiant panel
  • Stainless steel exhaust stack with a removable panel to enable easy cleaning of thermocouples
  • The stack is provided with 8 thermocouples as required by the standards
  • Calibration burner with methane gas flow meter
  • Safety gas controls and cut off circuitry


Instrument Supplied with Software at no extra charge. Software updates provided free of charge.

Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus

Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus

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