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Roofing Test with Burning Brands

ENV 1187 Test 2

This European Specification specifies four methods for determining the performance of roofs to external fire exposure. The four methods assess the performance of roofs under the following conditions:

Test 1 – with burning brands (visit the page)
Test 2 – with burning brands and wind
Test 3 – with burning brands, wind and supplementary radiant heat (visit the page)
Test 4 – with two stages incorporating burning brands, wind and supplementary radiant heat (visit the page)

The tests assess the fire spread across the external surface of the roof, the fire spread within the roof (Tests 1, 2 and 3), the fire penetration (Tests 1, 3 and 4) and the production of flaming droplets or debris falling from the underside of the roof or from the exposed surface (Tests 1, 3 and 4). Tests 2 and 3 are not applicable to geometrically irregular roofs or roof mounted appliances e.g. ventilators and roof lights.

The four tests listed above do not imply any ranking order. Each test stands on its own without the possibility to substitute or exchange one for another.

This Test 2 equipment consists of:

  • Air channels equipped with fans and a lid – This air channel is made of 1.0mm thick steel plates. The wall channel section placed between the lower and the upper air channels is made of steel plates and non-combustible fibre reinforced calcium silicate boards with a thickness of 11 ±2 mm and a density of 680 ±50 kg/m³
  • Crib ignition stand – The crib ignition stand is protected from air currents and consists of a support of the wood crib and a line burner with five vertically oriented burner tubes. The line burner is mounted centrally on the support with the axes of the burner tubes and the lowest edge of the crib in the same plane
  • Wood crib – 8 pieces (in which 6 pieces are nailed to the remaining 2 pieces at a distance of 8 mm between each of them) of 10 × 10 × 100mm pine wood containing no knots make the source of fire
  • Constant temperature drying oven of 105 ±5°C
  • Desiccator
  • Balance
  • Timer
  • Air velocity measuring devices
  • Flow meter
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