Industry Standard Updates

CEN/TC127 have been working on the new version of the SBI standard (EN 13823) which is expected to be published in early 2020. In the new version of the standard the bi-directional probe in the exhaust duct, used for measuring the exhaust flow rate, will be replaced with a hemispherical probe.

Once the new standard is published, all labs will need to replace the bi-directional probe with a hemispherical probe and change the probe constant (kp) value in their software (from 1.08 to 1.24).

It is important that test labs prepare themselves before the publication of the new version of EN 13823 to ensure that they will be able to comply at the appropriate time.

A new hemispherical probe can be purchased from FTT. When replacing the probe a new set of commissioning tests will need to be performed, a service which the FTT Support Team are able to provide.

Please contact the sales team for a quotation; or call our UK offices +44 (0)1342 323 600.

new Single Burning Item standard EN 13823

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