Thermal/Acoustic Insulation Flame Propagation Apparatus

FAA Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook Chapter 23; FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part VI; Airbus AITM 2.0053; Boeing BSS 7365

This test method is used to evaluate the flammability and flame propagation characteristics of thermal/acoustic insulation when exposed to both a radiant heat source and flame in a test chamber. The radiant heat is applied by means of an inclined electric panel and directed at a horizontally mounted specimen. The electric panel and pilot burner are located in a test chamber. The sides, ends and top of the chamber are insulated with a fibrous ceramic insulation. The front side has a high temperature, draft free observation window.

Below the window is a sliding platform to enable the user to easily insert either the calorimeter holding frame or specimen holding system (retaining and securing frames). The chamber temperature is monitored with a thermocouple and displayed on a programmable LCD meter. The test duration is measured with a programmable electronic LCD timer.

Evaluate the flammability and flame propagation characteristics of thermal insulation when exposed to a radiant heat source

Thermal Acoustic Insulation Flame Propagation Apparatus

flooring radiant panel fire testing test

Hinged access to test area, via a 2 position door with observation window and sliding platform