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New Non-Combustibility Test Standard ISO 1182 Released

ISO/TC92 has been working on the new version of the Non-Combustibility Test standard (ISO 1182) which is expected to be published in mid-2020.

In the new version of the standard the thermocouple inside the furnace (10 mm away from the wall), used for measuring the furnace temperature during the test, will be replaced with two thermocouples both 60° apart from the old thermocouple.

Once the new standard is published, all labs will need to replace the furnace with one that has two thermocouples in the correct positions and change the software in order to measure and analyse the two furnace thermocouples. The start and finish criteria are based on a drift analysis of both thermocouples and the temperature rise result is the average of the rise in temperature of the two thermocouples.

It is important that test labs prepare themselves to ensure that they will be able to comply at the appropriate time.

As an upgrade, a new furnace, software and interface can be purchased from FTT which is designed to be self-installed. FTT continues to manufacture the original design of furnace also, which is used in other non-combustibility tests around the world, so if you need to test to these standards as well as the new ISO 1182 standard then you will need to equip your lab with two furnaces which can be easily swapped in the apparatus frame as required.

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