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FAR 25.853 (a-1), FAA Fire Test Handbook – Chapter 5; ASTM E906 Standard Test Method for Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates for Materials and Products

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Unique Features of FTT’s iCone mini  and iCone classic:

  • Remote cone assembly positioning control, so that heater­ specimen surface separation can be adjusted pre and mid test, to facilitate testing of intumescing or thermally distorting specimens
  • Programmable heat flux exposure. Up to 10 consecutive heat flux ramping or holding can be programmed
  • Motorised heat shield to protect specimen from heat exposure before test
  • Motorised positioning and control of spark igniter to ignite the combustion gases from the specimen
  • Automatic/semi­-automatic/manual calibration by ConeCalc Software
    Load cell resolution of 0.01g and load capacity up to 8.2kg (Sartorius cell)
    Load cell mounted on an independent table to avoid any vibration from exhaust fan
  • Fire model protection alarm system
  • Online support and remote control of instruments from FTT for internet connected system
  • Optional larger Cone fire model for testing specimens with very low heat release rates. 150mm × 150mm specimens are exposed to uniform heat flux over entire surface
  • Optional fully integrated FTIR gas analysis system supplied with heated sampling module, heated lines/probes and PLC controller
EN13823 Single Burning Item

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